Wheel Alignment Service at Hanover Honda


Make sure your Honda’s wheel alignment is just as perfect as the day you drove it home.  A wheel alignment is an important service that returns the vehicle’s wheels back into their proper orientation. Using state of the art wheel alignment machines, the trained technicians at Hanover Honda  will adjust the angles that enable your vehicle to drive straight. When adjusted to the specifications outlined for each vehicle, an alignment will facilitate even tire wear, reduce driver fatigue and improve overall gas mileage by reducing rolling resistance.

Wheel alignment should be monitored regularly because inadvertent actions such as driving on pot holes and unpaved roads, bumping the curbs or concrete parking stalls can put force on your tires therefore throwing off alignment right away. Pulling, uneven tread wear, shaking steering wheel, steering issues, or a delay in correction after a turn are all be signs of a possible alignment problem.

Certain incidents such as a collision, an accident or even potholes can cause damage to your car’s alignment.  As soon as you notice any vibration in your steering wheel, tire squealing when you turn or any instability with your turning then it’s definitely time to schedule a wheel alignment adjustment with Hanover Honda. 

If your Honda vehicle shows any signs of an alignment error, make sure have it looked at as possible by trained Honda technicians. Bring your vehicle to 150 7TH AVE Hanover, ON N4N 2G9  and have one trained technicians will be happy to assist you.



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